Construction of the Ceneri base tunnel.

Only following completion of the 15.4 km long base tunnel under the Ceneri will the continuous level-track rail route through the Alps become a reality. The Ceneri base tunnel is the third largest tunnel construction project in Switzerland after the Gotthard and Lötschberg base tunnels.

At 15.4km long, the Ceneri base tunnel is the NRLA's third-largest construction project after the Gotthard and Lötschberg base tunnels; it is also Switzerland's fifth longest railway tunnel. The north portal is in Camorino (Bellinzona) and the south portal near Vezia. The tunnel consists of two single-track tubes some 40 metres apart, connected to each other every 325 metres by a total of 48 cross-passages. 

The north portal in Camorino was also the site for several other structures: bridges, railway viaducts and the 'Bretella', which provides a new direct rail link between Locarno and Lugano. After 12 years of construction work, the Ceneri base tunnel will become operational in December 2020.

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