Ceneri 2020 – a quantum leap for European mobility.

With its "new rail link through the Alps" project (NRLA), Switzerland is providing modern and efficient railway infrastructure on the Europe's North-South transport corridor through the Alps – as an environmentally-friendly alternative to road-borne freight and passenger traffic. Once the Ceneri base tunnel becomes operational in December 2020, the NRLA routes will be complete. The age-old dream of a level-track rail route through the Alps will be a reality. 

Events to mark the opening of the Ceneri base tunnel and the completion of the NRLA.

Several events will be held to celebrate the completion of the NRLA and the start of operations through the Ceneri base tunnel:


In a joint statement of intent entitled 'Chance Ceneri 2020', Richard Lutz, Andreas Meyer and Gianfranco Battisti, the CEOs of DB, SBB and FS Italiane, agreed to join forces to make this quantum leap for Europe's mobility. Their aim is faster and more frequent services for freight and passengers, improved punctuality and simpler purchasing of international tickets.

Principal partner SBB celebrations.

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