Together with strong partners, we want to bring the story of the NRLA to a conclusion in Ticino, to celebrate this moment and usher in the future.


The Ceneri Base Tunnel is an impressive, environmentally friendly and high-performance piece of infrastructure. With a 120-year history, APG|SGA is also renowned for efficient, sustainable and professional out-of-home media services. As Switzerland’s leading outdoor advertising company, we specialise in digital and analogue ‘billboards’, promotional spaces and mobile advertising. In partnership with SBB, we are developing highly effective means of advertising at railway stations as well as in and on trains, and we are proud to support the communications campaign for the New Rail Link through the Alps (NRLA), the project of the century.


Renewal driven by tradition: It is with this guiding principle in mind that BancaStato is proud to support the celebrations for the opening of the Monte Ceneri base tunnel. This inauguration marks the completion of AlpTransit's "project of the century".

In its more than a century-old history, BancaStato has witnessed some momentous changes in Ticino. These have included a number of major infrastructure projects which are of crucial importance to our canton – and which have steadily raised the bar of progress. The Monte Ceneri base tunnel is just such a historic milestone: by offering greatly improved connections for both passengers and freight, it is revolutionising north-south transport links.

So let the festivities begin!


Stadler has been building trains for over 75 years. The provider of system solutions in rail vehicle construction has its headquarters in Bussnang in eastern Switzerland. The company has some 10,500 employees spread across several production and engineering sites and more than 40 service locations. Stadler offers a comprehensive range of products for mainline railway companies and urban transport: high-speed trains, InterCity trains, regional and S-Bahn trains, underground railways, tram trains and trams. Stadler also manufactures mainline locomotives, shunting locomotives and passenger coaches. These include Europe’s most powerful diesel-electric locomotive. Stadler is the world’s leading manufacturer of cog railway vehicles.

Destination Partner.

Ticino – brief moments, big emotions.

Blue like the skies and lakes, green like the hills, yellow like the sun - and then everything turns orange when the sun disappears behind the mountaintops. The colours of Ticino tell of unique moments coming together to form a mosaic of experiences. Savour the sunny side of Switzerland, enhanced still further by an enjoyable journey on public transport: as of December 2020, you'll be able to reach the different parts of Ticino even faster thanks to the new Monte Ceneri base tunnel. The new route underlines the importance of the collaboration between Ticino Tourism and Swiss Federal Railways (FFS/SBB): visitors can now reach our canton's natural and cultural treasures even faster than before.

ABB – Let’s write the future. Together.

Since 1891, ABB has been contributing to technological progress in Switzerland and throughout the world; today its focus is on digital industries and sustainable mobility. The history of Swiss rail transport is inseparable from the company's cutting-edge technologies, from the first electric Swiss locomotive in 1899 to the drive unit for SBB's new Giruno express train, which will soon be running through the Ceneri base tunnel. ABB solutions also power the electrical infrastructure of the Ceneri tunnel. This tunnel is the final link in the project of the century: the NRLA - and ABB is proud to have made its contribution to the project.

Chicco d'Oro.

Tradition and innovation a combination which ought to be preserved The image of roast coffee flowing from a cornucopia is the distinctive and recognised symbol of Caffè Chicco d’Oro. It represents the establishment of the company in 1949.

Pandinavia AG – the merchandising professionals.

Creating and producing promotional and merchandising articles is our daily business. Together with colleagues at SBB, we are developing an exciting range of original and high-quality merchandising items. We are looking forward to taking part in a once-in-a-century event: the completion of the NRLA and the opening of the Ceneri base tunnel in 2020.

Al Porto – Creativity and passion.

Since more than 50 years, the handmade production of patisserie, confectionery and bakery specialities has been our passion. The renowned Al Porto specialities are known for their unique style, surprising compositions, irresistible flavours and, of course, for the Al Porto brand as a guarantee of high quality and dedication to the profession.

As an innovative and dynamic Ticino company, with a creative and artisan production in Tenero, we manage six shops, Cafés and Restaurants in Locarno, Ascona, Lugano (Grand Café Al Porto) and as from spring 2020 we will also be present in front of Bellinzona’s railway station with a shop and a pleasant Café. Welcome to a world of delicacies.


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